Saturday, December 11

Damn pretty Supra

Look at this damn nice supra! 
It looks like the supra 
of my dreams !! 
Clean, low , CCW´s 
What more could you want ??

Sunday, December 5

No words ...

Hey guys,
 look at this 
amazing silvia S15

He´s so f***ing awesome *_*

Sunday, November 21

Thursday, November 11

Random Dream

OMG !! 
look at this 
red killer Supra MK4.
It looks like 
my dream Supra- red with the accent 
of the neon yellow rims. *__* 

Monday, November 1

My rainy-day design

Hey Guys
Today it ws not a good day. 
It rained all the day and it was cold.
So I sat down at my computer
and designed a little bit. 
And the result was my own 
JDM "just drift magic" design. =D